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Environmentally Safe Septic System Debuts

Sabbathday Lake, New Gloucester, ME  July 27, 2007 Michael Deyling of Summit Environmental, Inc. has installed the first Presby De-Nyte system in Maine at an environmentally-sensitive site on Sabbathday Lake. This denitrification system, produced by Presby Environmental, Inc. of Whitefield, New Hampshire, works in conjunction with the Enviro-Septic® System to treat both commercial and residential wastewater. David Presby, President of Presby Environmental and inventor of both the De-Nyte (patent pending) and Enviro-Septic® Systems, visited the site to oversee the installation process in accordance with the product™s specifications. After spending over eight years in the research and development of the De-Nyte System, it is very gratifying to be here personally to see it being installed for the first time in Maine, Mr. Presby noted.

Presby Environmental is a family-run and operated company that has worked in the septic system business since the 1940’s. The company focuses on developing and manufacturing environmentally safe products for use in residential and commercial wastewater treatment. Nearly 95,000 Presby systems have been installed in New England.

The homeowner at Sabbathday Lake selected the Presby De-Nyte and Enviro-Septic® Systems due to the home’s proximity to the lake and fresh water well, which made the use of a conventional pipe and stone system impossible. The only possible alternative would have been a holding tank that required expensive, multiple pumpings each year. The Presby De-Nyte System processes phosphorus, E. coli, nitrogen and other unwanted substances in the leachate. It reduces the system’s environmental impact by turning harmful nitrites and nitrates into nitrogen gas that is safely released from the soil, making the De-Nyte system especially beneficial for installations in environmentally-sensitive locations such as waterfront property.

Third-party testing of the Presby De-Nyte System has shown that it reduces nitrate and nitrite concentrations to 1.14 mg/L. in treated wastewater, an amount much lower than the EPA drinking water standard of 11 mg./L. Nitrates and nitrites in large concentrations are potentially unsafe for the environment because they can accelerate the growth of algae and other bacteria in water, causing an oxygen depletion that kills marine animals and contaminates drinking water. The Presby De-Nyte System effectively reduces these concentrations when installed beneath the Enviro-Septic® wastewater treatment system. The De-Nyte System is completely passive, using no electricity, pumps or computers, offering solutions that other systems could not.

Conventional systems rely on bacteria in the soil to treat waste, requiring more area and flat installation surfaces and potentially harming the environment. The Enviro-Septic® System can instead be installed in smaller spaces and on terrain sloping up to 25% with minimal environmental impact. It can also cost up to 50% less. The Presby De-Nyte System is now available for installation with the Enviro-Septic® System in Maine.

Maine Septic & Pumping, established in 1996 in Lewiston, Maine by Michael Nino and Kathy-Rae Emmi, is the Maine distributor for Presby Environmental products. Both Michael Nino and Kathy-Rae are certified septic system inspectors and oversee system installations. Mrs. Emmi also personally assisted with the installation of the new Presby De-Nyte System on Sabbathday Lake. If you would like more information about these products, please call Kathy-Rae Emmi at (207) 782-5940, contact her by email at, or visit the company’s website at For more information about Presby Environmental, Inc. and its products, visit their website at .

Emmi elected to NAWIC board

LEWISTON, Maine Kathy-Rae Emmi of Maine Septic and Pumping was recently elected to the board of directors of the Maine chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction.

NAWIC was formed in 1955 with the purpose of enhancing the success of women in the construction industry.

Emmi earns certification

LEWISTON, Maine Kathy-Rae Emmi of Maine Septic and Pumping has recently earned the National Assocation of Wastewater Transporters Inspector Certification.

The two-day course, offered by the association, included topics such as troubleshooting various sewage systems and situations; estimating daily sewage flow; inspecting tanks, pumps, soil treatment units, and other pretreatment devices; gathering preliminary information and completing the final report.

Maine Septic and Pumping is located in Lewiston and offers septic system pumping and inspections for real estate transactions, and is a local distributor of Presby Environmental septic products.