Need a Site Evaluator/Designer or Installer!

Maine Septic & Pumping maintains a list of Site Evaluators and Installers who have attended the Presby Environmental training classes and are familiar with the design and installation of an Enviro-Septic System.

To request a list of Enviro-Septic site evaluators or installers in your area click here or call us at 207-782-5940.

Are You on Our List of Referrals???

Maine Septic & Pumping (MS&P) receives several calls a day from homeowners looking for a site evaluator or installer who is familiar with the Presby Environmental Products. MS&P maintains a list of site evaluators and installers who have attended a Presby Environmental Multi-Level Training and Certification Class and directs the homeowners to these certified individuals.

If you have taken one of our Multi-Level Classes you will be included on the referral list unless you prefer not to receive referrals. If you have designed or installed a Presby Environmental System but have not attended one of our certification classes, please contact us at 207-782-5940.